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How Do I Get Started?

There are many resources available to the beginning beekeeper today. We would like to help you get all the information you need as you start on your way to a productive experience in beekeeping. We have included links to other web sites, books, and videos. There is also a list of experienced local beekeepers who can help you. Your local beekeeping organization is usually your best source for information and support.

That is why we encourage you to join your local Beekeepers Association. These organizations are an excellent resource for knowledge for the beginning beekeeper. You can get personalized help with information on setting up your hives for success. Members can give you tips on choosing the right tools and equipment to get you started on the road to a thriving beekeeping operation. They can also help you better understand your local and state beekeeping regulations, what local plants attract honey bees, and the availability of bee inspectors. You may even find a mentor that can help you with unexpected or unfamiliar situations or provide you with tips and ideas to improve your operation.

The Southeast Arkansas Beekeepers Association meets on the first Monday of each month. Currently, these meetings are being held at 125 Main Street in Crossett, Arkansas. Come experience one of their meetings, learn a bit more about beekeeping, and meet some really nice folks.

The Hill Country Beekeepers Association meets on the second Friday of each month. The meetings are held at 704 Cyprus Street in West Monroe, Louisiana.

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Beekeeper's Calendar
While there are many videos for every beekeeper from beginner to expert, this section is dedicated to Beginning Beekeepers, but even if you are no longer a "newbee", you may find information that will help you.

Below you will find a list of available videos. Simply click or tap on the one you wish to view.
Beekeeping 101 by Lawrence Molczyk
Equipment For Beginners
What To Do Now
How To Keep Bees - The Basics
How To Know When To Add Another Box
Honey - From The Hive To The Jar